Summer Chardonnay 6-Pack


Norm has always believed that Ontario can make some of the best Chardonnay in the world. For summer drinking, we’ve assembled a diverse mixed 6-pack of our Chardonnays. Included in the pack are:

  • two bottles of our 2016 Niagara Chardonnay (17.5
  • two bottles of our 2017 County Chardonnay (Norm's favourite County Chard. to date)
  • two bottles of our 2019 Chardonnay “Sans Soufre” (PEC fruit)

We’ve only made Chardonnay “Sans Soufre” once before in 2015. All our Chardonnays are unfiltered and have sulphur levels well below biodynamic and organic limits, every few years when Mother Nature is shining on us, we bottle Chardonnay that has no added sulphites and is aptly named “Sans Soufre.” Simply a beautiful, mineral driven Burgundian-style Chardonnay from a magical year.