2021 John Bil Cuvée


Hear Norm's take

John Bil had an immense impact on our culture and similarly to us, he was always looking to push boundaries in his craft.

In line with John's great love of the ocean, this 2021 vintage is crisp, fresh and a superb pairing with shellfish. Aged on the fine lees for a full two lees, adding wonderful complexity to this wine. Think Chablis.

Enclosed is an ode to John which will help you understand the importance and context of this wine. Enjoy the wine with seafood and oysters in large quantities, that's what John would do. 

Dear John,

There are so many things I miss about you. You loved having fun and you hated BS. You were the hardest working guy I knew, but the only thing bigger than your work ethic was your generosity.

You truly marched to the beat of your own drum. I'm so glad you marched into my life.

I miss the Sundays when you would drive from Toronto. You arrived at 11:55 sharp. Always. Never late. Armed with a cold bottle of County Chardonnay and a six pack of Creemore, you shucked oysters, laughed, entertained and made every single person feel welcome.

You always had a way of making people feel special. But we all knew you were the special one.

I miss your cooking, your passion for making food and wine. I miss your risk-taking attitude, your willingness to fail in the pursuit of excellence.

We've created a white wine that I think would make you proud. It's one of a kind, just like you.

I miss you my dear friend. I will make a wine in your honour until I can't make wine anymore.



VQA Ontario

Sugar content: less than 3g/L