Spring 6-Pack


Two whites, two reds and two oranges, what a way to start the Spring! While we're well known for our Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs, we are quickly gaining a great reputation for making delicious aromatic whites.

The dry 2021 Gewürztraminer (we know you cant pronounce it) is spicy, bone dry and refreshing. Whereas its counterpart from the same vineyard, the 2021 Cuvée Orange, which is truly quaffable and you can drink multiple glasses on a summer's day. We call it Orange for the people, not for the hipsters (inside joke: many orange wines are bitter and one can barely swallow a glass).

The 2021 Cuvée Tornado (Pinot Gris on the skins for 18 hours) is a cult classic at the winery, and always sells out very quickly upon release. It will likely go faster this year due to there being no 2022 Cuvée Tornado.

The 2020 Sauvignon Blanc Vieux Chêne: think delicious Sancerre and not tropical gooseberry New Zealand. This is a serious rendition of Sauvignon Blanc and possibly the best we've done so far.

The 2021 Cuvée Della Bosca is a lovely quaffable, Sunday barbecue red. Made primarily of Cabernet Franc with a touch of Pinot Noir.

Our 2019 County Pinot Noir comes from a rockstar vintage. Classic elegant Pinot Noir from our own vineyards in Prince Edward County. European sommeliers who recently tasted this on Norm's trip to Europe couldn't believe how close to Burgundy this wine was while not being from Burgundy, at half the price.

Contains one bottle each of the following wines:

  • 2021 Cuvée Tornado
  • 2021 Gewürztraminer
  • 2019 County Pinot Noir
  • 2021 Cuvée Della Bosca
  • 2020 Sauvignon Blanc Vieux Chêne
  • 2021 Cuvée Orange Gewürztraminer